Promoting your firm’s image

Promoting your firm’s image
Promoting your firm’s image

Whether you are a sole practitioner or a mid-size firm, you need to promote your practice and create an image.

Almost everything you do and everything you have or use reflects your personal image and the image of your firm.

Think about your physical surroundings – office location and decoration, parking and general access to your office, appearance of your staff, especially the receptionist. Think about the computers that you use – what do they say about technology and you? Think about the clubs and other organisations you and your partners belong to. Do they put you in contact with your target markets?

Does your firm letterhead, business cards, firm brochure, newsletter, advertising, announcements, proposals, direct mail and so on help support your image? If any one of the above items don’t, revise it or don’t use it. And, don’t forget to make sure that all you do in creating your image also focuses on your client needs.

Creating an image and awareness in the marketplace can be done. It just takes some focus and a desire on your part to spend a little more time out of your office and closer to your target markets.

There are several benefits that you will achieve by having a clearly defined image:
– You, your partners and staff will all be going in the same strategic direction and be providing a constant story to your target market. There won’t be any confusion in your firm.
– Because the individuals in your firm will be communicating the same message to your markets and expanding their energy toward those markets, you can expect more teamwork.
– You will have a clear definition of your target market and spend your marketing dollars more effectively.
– Your promotional literature, advertisements, etc. will have a consistent look and quality that will reinforce your desired image.
– You will not only grow your practice quicker than your competition, but you will also learn the needs of your target markets and hence we able to provide them with more valuable and higher fee services.

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