Practical presentation tips

Practical presentation tips
Practical presentation tips

What differentiates an excellent speaker from a really good one? The answer lies in being practical.

Follow these tips to improve your presentation skills:

  • Partnership

An excellent speaker creates a sense of partnership, allowing us to share in the presentation.

  • Rhetorical questions

An excellent speaker uses rhetorical questions to focus listeners and get them thinking.

  • Ability to be spontaneous

An excellent speaker seeks to be free flowing, adding occasional comments or remarks as the presentation progresses. This also provides an opportunity to say something new and unexpected.

  • Conversational

An excellent speaker strives to speak in a conversational style, rather than a formal one. Most listeners find it easier to digest and appreciate an informal, familiar tone.

  • Tone of voice

An excellent speaker takes practical advantage of the rich range of vocal resources available to increase interest, impact, and persuasive power.

  • Involving

An excellent speaker involves listeners through the skilful use of hand gestures.

  • Creative

An excellent speaker shows imagination and resourcefulness by trying to on a variety of verbal tools to liven presentation and renew enthusiasm.

  • Acutely relevant

An excellent speaker combines well-chosen, familiar examples and sharply defining gestures to convey unmistakable meaning.

  • Lucidly clear

An excellent speaker helps listeners obtain unambiguous understanding the use of imagery, phrasing visual aids.

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