Getting the most out of Twitter

Getting the most out of Twitter
Getting the most out of Twitter

Learning how to use your firm’s Twitter account as a tool to generate more business is a clever marketing strategy. The following tips will help you to guide your firm to Twitter success.

Create vs share
To reap the rewards from having a firm Twitter account, having as many followers as possible is ideal. A great way to achieve this is to get a good balance between the amount of content you create and the amount of content you share from other sources. Using your own content is great as it adds credibility to your firm. Sharing content increases the likelihood of more users coming across your firm’s Twitter page. Just remember, whatever you choose to share, ensure you read the entirety of it and are sure it does not clash with the values of your firm.

Using hashtags is a sure-fire way to allow your posts to reach a greater audience. Anyone who searches a particular hashtag that you have used will be able to see your content. This will assist you in growing your Twitter following, thus providing you with real potential to bring in new clients to your firm.

Being consistent is important, particularly on social media. If people come to expect something from your firm’s Twitter account, whether that be an article to read or a daily quote, they can become quick to complain when they don’t get it. Scheduling regular posts will help keep your followers happy.

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