Generating publicity


Good publicity is essential for promoting your firm and extending your name awareness.

Here are some ideas for generating publicity:

  • Send the local media press releases. These could be on the changes in the tax system, implications of change in legislation, results of a business you have undertaken and so on.
  • Contacted the reporter on your local newspaper. Reporters are always being fed information – particularly by large firms of accountants and PR consultants retained by professional firms. There are few reporters who would decline a lunch invitation.
  • Invite the media to important firm events. Reporters may or may not attend but in any event you should always have press releases and the text of any speeches available.
  • Develop a diary of speaking engagements. You can raise visibility in your local community on accounting and business related topics.
  • Publish a newsletter. Newsletters are widely acknowledged as being a major contributor to developing a firm’s profile in the business community.

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