Establishing minimum standards

Establishing minimum standards
Establishing minimum standards

Setting a benchmark for which you expect your employees to adhere to helps in setting standards for workplace behaviour. By doing so, you are paving a path for your employees to act with integrity, professionalism and objectivity.

Minimum standards make it clear to employees and clients what is considered fair and appropriate. It is important that everyone understands what the minimum standards are, so that they can be respected and followed.

When establishing minimum standards, it is best to liaise with industry representatives to develop codes of practice that are acceptable.

Here are some examples of minimum standards you could implement into your firm:

  • Responding to complaints must occur within 24 hours.
  • Tax returns should be completed for clients within two weeks of receiving their information.
  • Calls are returned the day they are received. Unless they are received within an hour of closing; in that case, they are returned the following morning.

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